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For bucket elevators 100 t / h:

CherkasyElevatorMash Ltd TM BRONTO


  • for vertical movement of bulk products


Capacity: 100  t / h

Bucket capacity: 3.71 L 

Product density: 250 ... 850 kg / m³

Width: 280 mm 

Depth: 150 mm 

Height: 160 mm 

Number of fastener holes: 3

Buckets video:

Elevator buckets are seamless, with a bottom. 

We make of a sheet 1.5 mm thick. 

We stamp in several stages, with the formation of stiffeners, indentations for fasteners.


  • less weight than prefabricated buckets 
  • temperature independent - versus polymer buckets 
  • have reinforcement in the area of attachment to the tape

Smooth, rounded forms of the bucket do not have “hubs” of wear and exclude grain sticking.